Our Products

Catch Basins

We stock risers for most. All are H-20 load rated. We stock cast iron frames and grates for all sizes.

Custom Structures

Peerless Concrete’s custom services cater to clients who require unique solutions beyond standard precast concrete products. This specialized offering allows for the design and creation of custom concrete structures and fabrications tailored to specific project requirements, architectural designs, or functional needs that cannot be met with off-the-shelf products.


Sustainable septic systems with accessible coco filters that can be replaced. More info here.

Grease Traps

We can manufacture many different size Grease Traps; all of which are HS-20 load rated.


We manufacture headwalls; both flat and winged.

Hoot Systems

Treat and recycle sewage using a polyethylene hopper. Utilizes pre and post-consumer wastes. More info here.

Light Pole Bases

These prices will vary depending on height, diameter and quantity.


Designed for durability and easy access, our manholes facilitate underground utility inspection and maintenance, meeting all standard specifications for safety and efficiency.

Outlet Structures

Here at Peerless Concrete, we can custom make outlet structures in many different sizes and shapes.

Seepage Pits

We stock both residential and commercial rated pits. We start at 500 gallon capacity and can do pretty much anything after that.

Septic Tanks

We also make them in 2 compartments. We can make them traffic rated as well. We make the tanks both round and rectangular. We custom make larger septic/pump tanks as needed.

Trench Drains

We can custom make trench drains if none of our standard items work for your application. Our 12″x 12″ trench drains come in 4′- 0″, 8′-0″ and 10′-0″ lengths.

Water Meter Pits

Water Meter pits play a crucial role in the water supply system, providing a safe and accessible location for water meters and allowing for accurate readings and maintenance.